Budget Accommodation for Seasonal Workers in Te Puke, New Zealand
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Seasonal Work

Te Puke is the 'Kiwi Fruit Capital of the World' and during kiwi fruit season there is plenty of opportunity for backpackers and overseas seasonal workers to secure employment (work visa required).

Seasonal work has always been a great way to tour New Zealand on a budget. New Zealand has agreements with 27 countries to allow work visas or permits.

The Working Holiday Scheme (WHS) allows visitors to New Zealand for 12 months, and work for up to 3 months for any one employer.

Kiwi fruit picking typically runs from April to June each year, with pruning work running from July to March. More information about fruit picking in New Zealand can be found at PickNZ.

Alternatively, just contact your hosts who will be able to assist in securing seasonal employment within the Bay of Plenty.